Catch Phrase


The All New catch Phrase TV Board Game . . .

Goliath Catch Phrase Goliath Catch Phrase
Goliath Catch Phrase Goliath Catch Phrase


Welcome to the hilarious new Catch Phrase board game. With its updated game-play and loads of brand new brain teasers you can enjoy the excitement of the all-new TV game show hosted by Stephen Mulhern.

Each player hosts a round of; Individual, Rapid Fire and Super Catch Phrase puzzles. There are Bonus Catch Phrases to solve and Mr. Chips to hold up the Catch Phrase cards too.

To add to the fun, in this version, you will all play right to the end of the game and its the player with the most money who wins after everyone has taken a turn at being host.


96 Catch Phrase cards, 15 Bonus Catch Phrase Cards, 48 Super Catch Phrase Cards, Mr Chips Card Holder, Bonus Catch Phrase Picture Frame and Clip, Super Catch Phrase Board, 9 x Window Covers, Sand Timer, red Filter and 60 Bank Notes.

Box Size: 350x260x65mm.

For 2-4 players aged 8+

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